The Best Android Apps (July 2019)

The Best Android Apps (July 2019)


Welcome back to The best Android Apps (July 2019) 
I’ll drop a download link down below. Starting it off with the first app.

1) Bottom Quick Settings

Bottom Quick Settings is an App designed to help this App takes one core functionality of Android the quick settings menu which definitely isn’t one handed friendly and shifts it to the bottom making it really easy to access with one hand doesn’t replace the stock quick settings menu but it looks and feels very smooth and authentic there are also a bunch of customization available within the settings so this is an App worth trying out.

Download Link : Bottom Quick Settings

2) Reachability Cursor

In a similar vein Reachability Cursor is an app also designed to help improve one-handed Ability and its functionality is actually pretty phenomenal it’s super easy to use you simply swipe from either the left or right edge of your phone’s display and a little tracker pops up that clones your movement to a cursor at the top portion of your screen from here you can interact with the top of your phone’s display using this track pad redeeming the one-handed friendliness of your decently sized smartphone seriously cool design and functionality

Download Link : Reachability Cursor

3) LawnChair

With the launch of Android Pie we saw a redesign to the multitasking App switcher and whilst it works great if you’re using the default launcher it becomes a bit glitch y when you switch to using a third-party launcher enter LawnChair so LawnChair is a companion Application that works alongside version 2 off the launcher. Launcher it does unfortunately require route but if you’re open to doing that on your Android Pie enable device and you can actually set LawnChair as the default launcher on your phone meaning you gain all of that beautiful customization ability that comes from using Lawn-chair but you also retain the flaws and smooth performance of the multitasking and Apps which are features that really only work best when using the default launcher you can also set it up so that swiping left on the home button replaces the Bat-cave functionality which i am all about I’ve left a link to and of this paragraph.

Download Link : LawnChair

4) KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Pro Key (Early Access)

There are heaps of customization Article on my Blog still i haven’t yet featured the fairly new custom lock screen Application so this is actually an unreleased Application as of the making of this article and as the name implies it is an App that lets you customize your lock screen it’s from the same custom family as K WG T and K LW P so it’s got the reputation to back it and the UI to make it relatively easy to set up this App works best when you use template Apps also available on the PlayStore these help you achieve some really creative and unique looking lock screens but you can also just dive into the settings and start creating to your heart’s content as well not only that the developer has been kind enough to give 30 Free Promo codes for this Application which i will be releasing over on Twitter in the coming weeks and these go super quick so make sure you’re following me over there to be the first in line to get this App for free.

Download Link : KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Pro Key (Early Access)

5) MaterializedHome for KLWP 

Staying in the theme of customization for a moment and KLWP is also a part of the custom family but it is instead a custom live Wallpapers App that lets you set intractable Wallpaper that act pretty much as Home Screen launches and one of the best themes available on the PlayStore is the materialized home Application once you’ve set it up you get these really neat sliding card that are intractable and they control your Home Screen experience it’s seriously fluid and looks nothing short of amazing you have four pages to select from Home, Weather, Music and each card lets you tap on it to open up a second page of shortcuts and toggles and other information as well it looks and feels phenomenal so if you’re looking for a refreshed Home Launcher experience this App is seriously great.

Download Link : Cover art MaterializedHome for KLWP

6) Boom 

We see some smartphone manufacturers producing pretty good quality phone speakers it’s still a pretty mixed bag across the board and all too often smartphone do end up with poor speakers well BOOM is an unreleased Music Player App that lets you dive in and customize the EQ of your phone’s Audio output you can play locally stored music files or Connect to Spotify or title as well as listening to your favorite podcasts or internet radio and whatever you listen to through the App will be affected by the EQ changes you make. So if you’re looking to enhance your Audio listening experience on your favorite Smartphone device and this App is well worth a go.

Download Link : Cover art Boom: Music Player with 3D Surround Sound and EQ (Early Access)

7) CPL

I make it my goal to feature any good Home Screen Launcher that i come across and the latest is without a doubt the customized pixel launcher otherwise known as CPL as the name would imply this is a launch of the basis itself off of the Pixel Launcher which means sleek animations and smooth functionality but then is adds in heaps and heaps of customization ability as well all the basics are there such as custom icon grid sizes and so forth but also pretty much every other aspect of the launcher can be customized as well from opening animations to gestures and notification dost there are so many layers to this launcher that i think it’s probably up there with LawnChair there’s one of the Nova Launches of pixel style launches.

Download Link : Cover art CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher)

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