The Best Android Apps (December 2018)

The Best Android Apps (December 2018)

Welcome back to The best Android apps (December 2018) this month i have a couple walls to get you in the holiday spirit six useful Apps and four addicting games let’s jump right in starting it off with the Wallpapers there are 11 to choose from and they’re all created by a Graphic Designer called AR7 the wall secrets are made for the iPhone but they still look great on all of my Android devices some of them even have a dark background for those of you who want to save a bit of battery I’ll drop a download link down below. Starting it off with the first app

1) Typing Hero – Text Expander 

It’s a great way to help you type a little faster here’s how it works let’s say i have a long phrase so that i seem to type regularly such as See You Later Hater well with Typing Hero i can just type out a short keyword such as Cult and the longer phrase will appear automatically within the App you can create as many snippets as you like it’s very easy to use just tap the plus icon make up a random key word that you’ll remember and in the text field where it says text just type out the actual phrase save it and now use that short key word instead of the lengthy text.

Download Here : Typing Hero – Text Expander

2) Zoetic – Image Alignment And Video Creation

For those of you who want to see how your facial features have  changed over time or how any particular subject is foreign to something amazing such as a garden a building that was under construction or even your children and you can use Zoetic in other words it’s basically an App to create a time-lapse video with all your old pictures of a specific subjects here’s how it works.

First you create and name a project 
Second you can import the the pictures of the subject and sort by the date.
Third afterward mark up the two important points you would like so like to focus on for every picture such as your eyes or the corner of the building crop all the pictures simultaneously and then hit create video. After it’s done exporting enjoy your video of how time ages everything slowly there’s also a pro version which costs a dollar and 49 cents $1.49 and it give you no limitations on the number of images that can’t be processed.

Download Here : Zoetic – Image Alignment And Video Creation


 3) Faster & Safe Internet



Cloud fare just released an App for its public DNS service called the idea behind this App can get a little technical and be over the top for some people so I’ll try to explain this in the most basic way possible. 

Basically when load a webpage such as a DNS is used to convert the host-name of the  website into a computer friendly IP address if you’re not familiar with this subject you’re most likely using the default DNS provided by your internet service provider not a big deal just know that some ISPs do keep track of your DNS data and are a bit slower than other more popular public DNS services such as Cloud fairs the App easily reroute to your device’s DNS request through cloud fairs own servers providing you with faster internet speeds in some cases and also giving you a bit more privacy when surfing the web the only catch is that App uses its own VPN servers so you won’t be able to use other VPN services at the same time such as Tunnel Bear Turbo or ex VPN.  

Download Here : Faster & Safe Internet 

4) PlayJ (Beta) 

PlayJ (Beta) is perfect for those who want to share their phone screen on somebody else’s phone and also video chat with the person at the same time very similar to inquiry but better maybe you want to show a person how skilled you are in a game or give them a hand if they are experiencing a problem with their phone just add your friend select the App you would like to share or just choose my screen if you just want to stream your screen directly select the mode you would like to chat in and hit launch that’s it.

5) Reachability Cursor: One-Handed Mode Mouse Pointer (Unreleased) 

Do you have a big phone or small hands well then Reachability Cursor is going to come in handy for one-handed use once wiping from either side of your screen you can pull a digital d-pad to control the top part of your phone with cursor drag it around to move the Cursor and tap on it to click it the d-pad then disappears when you tap away from it or after a few seconds have been activity.

Download Here : Reachability Cursor: One-Handed Mode Mouse Pointer (Unreleased)

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