Top 5 Windows 10 Secret Features

Top 5 Windows 10 Secret Features

This is the collection of  Top 5 Windows 10 Secret Features. That people may not know about. If you upgrade to Windows 10 you will get these Features.

5) Scrolling Stuff

Before Windows 10 if we wanted to scroll a page with the mouse's scroll wheel you have to first activate the Windows 10  and then scroll the Windows 10 with your mouse with Windows 10 this is no longer necessary just move your mouse where you want to scroll and start Scrolling your mouse wheel. Whatever is underneath your mouse pointer will scroll no need to activate your Windows anymore. Scrolling Stuff is also a Hidden Feature of Windows 10 Many people don't know about this Feature. 

4) Transparent Commander

In Windows 10 you can turn your command line console transparent to do that.
  • Just right click on the command line Window and click Properties.
Top 5 Windows 10 Secret Features 
  •  Then click on colors
Top 5 Windows 10 Secret Features
  •  And changer the transparency.

3) Snapping Stuff

Windows 7 allows you to snap to Windows side by side. But Windows 10 takes it even further by allowing you to snap all Windows and for each all four corner. If you snap two Windows side by side in Windows 10 in Windows 7 you have to resize one Window at a time Windows 10 allows you to snap resizes both Windows together.

2) Screenshot Timer

Windows 7 brought froth the snapping tool to the world but Windows 10 Updates it by allowing you to have a selfie timer actually just a regular timer just set 3 seconds.
Top 5 Windows 10 Secret Features
Or in each other seconds you want up to five and lets take a full screen snap this give me three seconds to set up the Windows just like i want just like a selfie and then take a picture as you see it gave me enough time top open up the Start Menu and then take a picture.

1) Emoji Keyboard 

To get the Emoji Keyboard just right click on the Task-bar and enable show Touch Keyboard Button.
Top 5 Windows 10 Secret Features
and then you have this awesome Keyboard Button right beside you clock.
Top 5 Windows 10 Secret Features
Once you open the Keyboard click on the Smiley face here and you'll see all the Emojis you ever want.
Top 5 Windows 10 Secret Features

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