Top 7 Amazing Android Device Secrets

Top 7 Amazing Android Device Secrets

We're going to talk to you about some siree sequel stuff you can do with your smartphone this is a collaboration with super Extreme article. If you enjoy it be sure to check out this website and with that being said well let's get started.


Black Wallpaper - Android Apps
Did you know if you have a smartphone with and AMOLED panel you can actually save battery just by changing your wallpaper to a Black color contrary to most display when a pixel is displayed as a black on an AMOLED panel the pixel itself switches off and that's partly the reason why the contrast is so high on these displays.


Photo Math - Android Apps

Photo Math  a revolutionary mathematical Android App for all you guys sitting your exams right now this could be a lifesaver because just hovering your camera over a mathematical equation it solve them instantly.

Download Here


Android Apps


If you're in a serious hurry to charge your smartphone turn it on to Airplane Mode disabling all the phone's communications can actually speed up the charging process by about 50% 
Android Apps
Multi Charging Cable which merges all of the cables you would ever need into one whether you need a Micro-USB a USB C or even an Lighting port this cable has got you covered you can find them on Amazon for under 10$ and trust me they are a lifesaver all right now.

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So you can drastically speed up your phone just by reducing the Animation time the default settings on a phone will be made so that it give you kind of a smooth and slick experience but not a fast one it's simple too because all you have to do is to go into setting tap Build Version 7 times  and that will unlock developer option and from there it's just a click away now there is nothing more annoying than walking down the street listening to your fire playlist and then out of nowhere a bad song comes on you have to take the phone out you have to turn the screen on and then manually skip track.


Background Data

So you might be using Facebook but in the background you've got 50 other Android Apps which are constantly sending statistics checking for updates and all of that consume a lot of data so go into your setting and clicking the OFF-SWITCH disable all of it.


Sleep Cycle

I found an app called Sleep Cycle which basically tracks your sleep and gives you detailed info on how you slept the previous night. It also wakes up when you are in your lightest sleep now the way its work is you place the phone on your pillow before you go to sleep but make sure to leave it charging so it doesn't waste your battery overnight after that it will analyze your sleep and wake you up within the 30 minute span that you left it with really cool.

 Downlaod Here
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